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Africa e Mediterraneo has played a pioneering role in the study and promotion of African cultural expression and production within and outside Europe, choosing to collaborate with artists and creative talents of African and migrant descent as a way of promoting intercultural dialogue and the coexistence of different cultures.
Communication projects, research, cultural and artistic initiatives in schools and with the public, have been put in place by working in broad European partnerships and within small territories. Our idea of coexistence stems from principles of responsibility and participation, that can support change by involving migrant citizens and natives, but also the public services and civil society. In addition to the last two successful editions of the Summer School on Migration and Asylum, recent projects include:

Welcoming Bologna: the project seeks to involve players from different public and private sectors in a process of inclusion directed at both residents who have been well-established in the area of Bologna for many generations, and those who have arrived more recently.

Voci di Confine: the project aims to deepen the critical understanding of the complex causes and factors behind the migration flows, promoting a positive storytelling and enhancing the voice of positive testimonies in the Italian context.

Snapshots from the borders: the project aims to improve the critical understanding of European, national and local decision makers and of public opinion about global interdependencies determining migration flows towards European borders.

Africa Comics: the project intends to introduce the broader public to artistic productions of African cartoonists, paying special attention to the younger ones.


The logistic partner is:

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The social cooperative Lai-momo is active in the field of migration, integration, social communication and research.
For more than ten years, Lai-momo has been contributing to the implementation of reception services and integration actions targeting asylum seekers and migrants, in the metropolitan area of Bologna. Today, Lai-momo devotes many efforts to building successful labour market integration pathways for migrants and asylum seekers who recently arrived in the Country. Lai-momo is also very active in the field of social communication. Recent relevant projects include:

Training, Production and Reception Centre of Lama di Reno (BO): in partnership with the Ethical Fashion Initiative of the United Nations, Lai-momo is carrying out a training project that enables asylum seekers to master the crafting of leather and cloth garments, in a perspective of labour market integration.

Generation Africa: within the partnership with the Ethical Fashion Initiative of the UN, Pitti Fashion Show hosted asylum seekers as models and African micro-entrepreneurs in the fashion sector.

Migration desks: Lai-momo manages 17 “Migration Desks” (informative and help desks) in the Metropolitan Area of Bologna, helping and supporting around 7.000 people each year.

Bologna cares!: the campaign is part of the SPRAR project of the Municipality of Bologna and aims at raising awareness among the citizens on the topic of protection of asylum seekers and refugees. The program is composed of many events that peak around the date of June 20th for the World Refugee Day.



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