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Logo Lai-momoThe Cooperative society Lai-momo provides services in the field of immigration, social communication and research.
Lai-momo is implementing reception activities in favour of asylum seekers and international protection beneficiaries in the territory of the Municipality of Bologna (the Regional Hub of first reception and several emergency reception centres); it manages informative and help desks called “Migrant Points” in 17 different towns of the province of Bologna, helping and supporting around 7.000 people each year and develops many social communication projects. Recent relevant projects include:

  • Generation Africa: within the partnership with ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative, Pitti Fashion Show hosted asylum seekers as models and African micro-entrepreneurs in the fashion sector.
  • Bologna cares!: the campaign is part of the SPRAR project of the Municipality of Bologna and aims at raising awareness among the citizens on the topic of protection of asylum seekers and refugees. The program is composed of many events that peak around the date of June 20th for the World Refugee Day.
  • Asylum Corner: the new online media platform where contributions from the world of asylum in Europe – politicians, experts, researchers and social workers with first-hand experience in the asylum process – are heard, analysed and shared with the public.

Logo-AfricaAfrica e Mediterraneo has played a pioneering role in the study and promotion of African cultural expression and production within and outside Europe, choosing to collaborate with artists and creative talents of African and migrant descent as a way of promoting intercultural dialogue and the coexistence of different cultures.
Communication projects, research, cultural and artistic initiatives in schools and with the public, have been put in place by working in broad European partnerships and within small territories. Our idea of coexistence stems from principles of responsibility and participation, that can support change by involving migrant citizens and natives, but also the public services and civil society. Recent projects include:

  • Comics for Equality: ComiX4= uses the attractive educational tools of comics produced by second generation migrants and migrants to strengthen connection and cohesion between all Europeans.
  • Screens – Southern Visions of the Millenium Development Goals interpretation and analysis records, interpretations and visions of artists, professionals, and academics from the African continent on the Millennium Development goals.
  • Africa Comics: the project intends to introduce the artistic productions within the comics by African authors to a wide and varied audience, paying special attention to the youth.



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